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Trade Team Insurance

For owners of Trade Teams Cycling Canada have arranged the Trade Team Insurance as an optional member benefit.. This provides participation in the CC Insurance Program for Comprehensive General Liability for both corporate entity and participant, Sports Accident and Excess Travel Medical World- Wide.


What are Trade Teams?  

Trade Teams are privately owned entities with self-selected memberships insurance program.. On-site race support is often provided to members including coaching, technical, and managerial services. Trade Teams organize races, training rides , and social activities either for its own members, or members of other clubs, teams, UCI/CC license holders. Since many of their activities fall outside of Cycling Canada activities they are not covered under the Cycling Canada unless optional coverage is purchased. 


Note: coverage is available only to National Level Trade Teams Affiliated with Cycling Canada. Coverage is not available to UCI Affiliated Teams however an optional stand alone policy may be possible. 


A Trade Team application is required to apply for coverage.  To apply click here



This summary does not in and of itself provide coverage and it is subject to the terms and conditions which are set forth in the policy. It is intended only to provide basic details of coverage that are fully described in the actual Policy issued. In the event of any inconsistency, the actual policy will prevail. Questions about the Policy can be directed to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.