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How to Report a Claim

At Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. we are firm believers that, where possible, prevention is better than a cure. We understand the accidents do occur.

What should you do when you learn of an accident, event or circumstance that could give rise to a claim under your insurance policy? An accident or event such a being served with a lawsuit is grounds for reporting a claim. In the case of a lawsuit, there are deadlines that must be met in order to preserve your rights as well as the Insurer’s rights. On the other hand, determining whether an accident or circumstance warrants notice to the insurance company can be more difficult. It is important to realize that depending on the type of policy, notice provisions vary. Factors such as what circumstances were known by whom, when it was known and when the claim was formally reported to the insurance company can have a direct bearing on whether coverage is triggered.

Claims for liability insurance can be very complex, so it's important to follow the right procedures. If you have any reason to believe you might need to claim, just follow the simple procedure below, and we'll advise you of the best course of action.

What to do?

If an incident and / or accident occurs, it must be documented and recorded immediately.

If there is personal injury or property damage the CC must be notified immediately.

A CC Accident Report should be the minimum level of documentation. Additional documentation of witness statements, list of names involved, photos of the scene would make an exceptional report. Reporting should be as in depth as possible as most litigation is brought forward years after the incident when club members with a memory of the incident might not be around anymore.

  • Once complete the Accident Report should be either faxed to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. at (905) 886-5622 or email to . Forward any correspondence relating to the potential claim
  • In Emergencies 24/7 contact Maxwell Claims Services 1-800-658-8668
  • For Travel Accident claims 24/7 World Wide contact Helix Intenational at +44 (0) 203 823 1434

Avoid speaking to the claimant or their representatives, as this could prejudice the outcome.