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Forms / Certificates / Resources 

The following forms can be downloaded and completed when requested to do so. Collecting accurate information will allow us to service you better.

Liability Insurance

Event applications:

An event application is required for Club rides and events to obtain approval from your Provincial Association. In addition, Cerficates of Insurance maybe required by third party organizations such as landowners, municipaliites and sponsors be added as Additional Insured at the event OR if non-member or International Members are participating in the event. If you are unfamiliar with the correct form, please contact your Provincial Association.

1. Sanctioned Commercial Event Application (2017)  –  use for sanctioned Club Rides and commercial events that include members and non-members. This is the most common request by Clubs, promoters and event organizers.The event must be sancationed and approved by CC before submitting.

2. National/Provincial Event Application – use for sanctioned events with non-members and / or International Members

3  BMX Track Construction, Design and Re-Builds supplemental app 

4. Bleachers, Grandstand supplemental app

5. Trade Team application

6. Liquor Liability supplemental app

7. Education and Instructional Liability app - use for Canbike and Let's Ride 

8. Stand Alone Event Liability app

Additional Insured Requests (not to be used for Events)

Cerficates of Insurance are required by third party organizations such as landowners, municipaliites and sponsors to show evidence or proof of insurance as part of the terms and conditions of the contract, purchase order, permit, license or other form of agreement. They may also request that they be added as an Additional Insured. There is no charge for these Certificates but request must be approved by your Provincial / Territoiral Association.

    9.  Request for Additional Insured Certificate of Insurance

NOTE: If the Sanctioned Event has not yet been approved, you must complete the Sanctioned Event application above.


Not for Profit Directors and Officers Liability Coverage

     10. Club D & O application

Coach Instructor E & O

     11. Coach Instructor E & O  - For instructor insurance outside of CC - go to or Click here to print application and apply for coverage.pdf

Travel Medical

  12. For Indivduals
  Excess Medical Travel Coverage application - excludes
                    Freestyle / Aerials / Stunts 

  13. For Teams or Groups
          Excess Travel Medical spreadsheet for application
  - excludes Freestyle / Aerials / Stunts 

Loss Forms
  14. General Liability Incident / Loss Report

     15. Sport Accident Claim Form

Cycle Shop Insurance
16. Cycle Shop application  - CC Members shops get     discount for store insurance.

Insurance Summary

  17. Summary of CC Insurance program