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Excess Travel Medical

What is travel accident insurance?

It is recognized that training and competition requires travel outside of local areas and may require travel outside of province or country. The Canadian Cycling (CC) Excess Travel Medical insurance helps reduce the risk of unforeseen travel medical expenses.

The Excess Travel Accident insurance will pay for reasonable and customary medical expenses actually incurred by a registered member for those services which are medically necessary and required by the registered member while outside of their home province or outside of Canada, as a result of an emergency and as a result of injury or sickness. 

It is strongly recommended for all members intending to travel outside of their home province or outside of Canada who are participating in sanctioned cycling activities. Unlike virtually all off the shelf travel medical insurance, the Cycling Canada coverage recognizes that the insured is travelling to participate in sanctioned cycling activities. 

The Provincial / Territorial Association must arrange this coverage through the Broker Holman Insurance. An application is required which provides the Name of Member, Name of Event, Date and number of days the member will be out of country, including the days traveling to and from the event. 



Limits of Insurance 

Accidental / Sickness Medical Expense  


Dental Accident 


Out of Pocket Expenses 


Trip Interruption 

One Way Economy 

Repatriation Expense 



Is a member automatically covered?

No, this coverage is optional and not in effect unless CC (via the Provincial / Territorial Association) and Holman Insurance have been advised of the members travelling out of the province or country.

Before a member is traveling out of their home province or country PLEASE NOTIFY your Provincial / Territorial Association with completed application, including the following information: 

  • Full name, date of birth of member 
  • Name of Association/club you are a member of and membership number 
  • Date of departure, city of departure (from home Province in Canada) and return (to home City in Canada  
  • Number of days out of home province or country 
  • Name of Sanctioned Event(s) your are participating in 
  • for larger groups include excel spreadsheet 
  • Excess travel medical application 


Excess travel medical application - excludes
Freestyle / Aerials / Stunts

Excess Travel Medical spreadsheet for application (excel spreadsheet)

What does it cost?

The cost is in on a $ per day, per person subject to minimum premium of $ per person. Please contact your Provincial / Territorial Association office for pricing.

What coverage is provided?

The policy provides a maximum limit of $2,000,000 for the following:;

Excess Hospital and Medical Expenses  

As a result of an injury or illness that requires necessary services of a physician, registered  nurse, physiotherapist, hospital, x-ray clinic,laboratory, ambulance or emergency.  Coverage is provided only  for expenses incurred by Canadian residents that are in excess of the benefits available under  any Canadian federal or provincial hospital and/ or medical plan regardless of whether or not the member is enrolled in such plan.

Blanket Dental Accident Reimbursement 

When an injury to whole or sound teeth including filled or restored teeth requires and receives dental treatment commencing within 30 days of the date of the accident, this coverage pays for the necessary expenses for such treatment rendered within 52 weeks of the accident. Payments for all treatments rendered shall be limited to an aggregate of $5,000.


Repatriation Expense 

In the event of covered death occurring after the originating flight date, this coverage pays the cost of the actual expense incurred for conveyance of the body or ashes of the insured to the outbound point of departure, not to exceed the applicable maximum benefit.


Out of Pocket Expense 

In the event of covered injury or illness causes delay in returning to the point of departure beyond the return date, this coverage pays for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred up to the per diem amount specified on the individual certificate, not to exceed the maximum applicable benefit for all such expenses.


Trip Interruption 

If after the outbound departure, the insured is obliged to leave the tour upon a physician’s advice due to covered illness or injury, this coverage pays for the cost of a one way economy class transportation to rejoin the ongoing tour or to original point of departure.


Conditions to be met: 

·         Confirmation of Cycling Canada membership from your affiliated Provincial / Territorial Association. 

·         Coach or officials may require letters of permission for minors that will cover out of country travel, medical treatment. 

·         Exhaust any benefits available under any Canadian Federal / Provincial Hospital and or Medical Plan, regardless of whether or not the insured is enrolled in such a Program.

Additional Conditions: 

  • Coaches/officials must recognize their responsibilities to supervise.  
  • CC must be a careful assessment of coaching staff ratio to athletes.
  • Completion of CC out of Province or out of Country Sanction Request is required.



1) Injury or sickness for which medical/hospital, benefits are provided under any other policy or plan except for the excess not covered under such other insurance.

2) Maintenance therapy for pre-existing medical conditions.

3)  Dental, chiropractic or any other health services not mentioned specifically in excess medical/hospital expenses.

 4) Suicide or self-destruction, intentionally self-inflicted injuries or any attempt thereat.

5)  Declared or undeclared war, civil war, riot, insurrection, invasion or any act thereof.

6) An illegal act by the insured or beneficiary.

7) Participation in armed forces training exercises or manoeuvres.

8) A payment that contravenes any plan of any government or political subdivision or law in Canada

The descriptioni of coverage above is not complete. Reference must be made to the actual terms and conditions of the actual policy forms.

How to Report a claim - Claims Emergency


C ontact Gameday / Aviva 1-866-931-0573 or 

After Hours and Emergency Claims Service Number - 1-866-931-0573 (Crawford and Company)


Note: Please reference Canadian Cycling Association Policy TRI001-00691-001through GameDay Insurance underwritten by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.

Does the Excess Travel Medical policy provide 24 hour coverage?

Yes. If you purchase Excess Travel Medical, you are covered from the time that you leave unitil the time that you return from the activity or event.


What is the deducible for Excess Travel Medical coverage?


The deductible is NIL.


Is there any age restriction for Excess Travel Medical coverage?


The is NO age restriction for Excess Travel Medical coverage.



This summary does not in and of itself provide coverage and it is subject to the terms and conditions which are set forth in the policy. It is intended only to provide basic details of coverage that are fully described in the actual Policy issued. In the event of any inconsistency, the actual policy will prevail. Questions about the Policy can be directed to Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.